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freetherupervs's Journal

Free Rupervs from the shackles of censorship!
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All Members , Moderated
There was once a picture community that had quality photos of our favourite redhead, Rupert Grint. It was a fantastic community - simple rules, friendly folk, likeminded people.

Then things went horribly awry.

You see, when one moderates a photo community, and the speicific point of posts is to post photos of a celebrity, fans tend to get a bit disgruntled when our ability to free speech is challenged. Thus was the fate of this particular photo comm, at least in this mod's humble opinion.

The decision was made to do something about it. freetherupervs was born.

The rules are simple. Post photos. Post them as often as you like. Comment whenever you'd like, with whatever you'd like. You want to comment on Rupert's lovely eyes? Go ahead. Noticed his biceps have gotten a bit bigger? Point it out!

Also, I'm not going to ask for any of this "The posting of a photo must be the main purpose of the post" rubbish. What if we want to know where a photo came from, or where to find one? What is a fangirl to do?

Why, post and ask if anyone's seen it lurking about, that's all.

This is a playground for all those oppressed by the normal pic comms. Come on out and play. Membership's free.

Moderator: oh_my_grint

Just be sure to post a photo every once in awhile, okay? ;)